Grease up and save a (shoe's) life

Just like your skin, leather too needs to be treated and cared for every now and then. It's easy and doesn't take long, but the diference a little rub with a coat of natural grease does to your boots is remarkable. Let us teach you how to do it!
First of all; with a natural leather like in our winter boot "The Ygritte" for example, there's no reason not to chose a shoe care product of the same nature. Tangents shoe grease that's offered in our shop is entirely made out of natural ingredients such as bees wax, coconut fat and wool wax. You can safely use it without polluting your shoe, your skin our anything else for that matter.
When treating your shoes there are a couple of things to remember. First of all: a leather boot that's gotten wet or damp should dry naturally and slowly. Do not heat it, it might crack or embrittle the leather.
Befor applying grease, make sure your footwear is clean. Clean the leather with saddle soap or a moist piece of cloth, then let the leather dry completely.
When the leather is dry, work in a good coat of grease with a piece of cotton cloth or a sponge, and let the leather soak it up. Done! Your shoe will look as good as new, and the leather will last and look beautiful longer. This is so easy, and so important to do! Repeat as soon as your boots gets dirty, or at least once every second week (once a week is even better!)