We met up with artist Lisa Larsson for an inspiring chat about art, style and Blankens' shoes.
Lisa, you are such an inspiring artist and many times you take us to amazing places through your paintings which make us think about vacation in Italy, wearing sandals and breezy clothes, eating Italian cuisine, and drinking wine in a setting of vibrant colors. How come you have chosen that specific setting of depiction for your art?
A: I simply started to paint what I love. In a covid ridden world I found that painting what I enjoy in life really gave me an escape from the harsh reality. I also think the pleasure I experience in the painting process really shines through my work now. 
Q: You have a show coming up in Stockholm, what can we expect to see there?
A: Yes! It opens on June 9th (2022) and stays open until 12/6 (Alma, Nybrogatan 8 in Stockholm). I'm calling it "There are still good times to be had" and it will be a celebration of life. I can guarantee it won’t be a boring opening night. 
Q: You also have amazing style in that cool and effortless scandi kind of way, what inspires you in your way of dressing and who are your style Icons? 
A: My inspiration probably comes from whatever mood my mind wakes up with that day. My style is very high and low but I like to follow my weirder instincts. I have to say that Harry Styles has been serving looks lately. 
Q: Flats or heels for summer?
A: Very difficult choice...but I’m longing to show off those summer legs in heels 
Q: Your favourite Blankens shoe for spring/summer 2022?
A: The Jennie in silver is everything I’ll be needing this season!