Meet style Icon Charlotte Manning - she's the events manager at Soho House Stockholm, contributing writer at Vogue Scandinavia AND a model that loves to write poetry. As if that wasn't enough talents, her style makes us want to jump straight in her closet.  
In addition to the events I am planning over at Soho House, I am also working on some exciting freelance projects that are really bringing me back to my writing days — and I am honestly really enjoying the extra work and stimulation, especially in this season of the year when it's easy to get unmotivated and a bit lazy. My passion project is a poetry collective I started with my friend Kerone and we are currently getting ready to host our 5th one since 2020, the last one almost a whole year ago. Our poetry nights bring together a very intimate and diverse group of people for a very powerful storytelling experience - we share words, laughter, tears and the energy in the room on those nights is unmatched. I am so, so, so excited about sharing my written work with people and have had so much fun planning it. Aside from that, I will take some modeling jobs on the side and continue slowly but surely training for my first half marathon which I plan to accomplish next year! And lots of family time, friend time, rest & good books in between. 
We asked Charlotte a few questions...
- What does shoes mean to you?
For me, shoes are probably the most literal and visible form of my self-expression on a daily basis - I actually feel this way about accessories in general. And with shoes, I am equally a lover & wearer of sneakers as I am a high heeled leather snake print boot girl - and I think the shoes I put on in the morning very accurately reflect my mood, energy level and responsibilities for the day. One day I might be in Birkenstocks and hoodie and the next, a mini skirt and cowboy boots. Just as I see life as a balance, so is my shoe collection and how I dress.
Charlotte in The Amal
- 3 must haves for you in your closet?

I am certainly a fall season person so:

  • My suede trench coat from Samsoe Samsoe - perfect neutral transition item that also feels like a statement piece, I wear it almost every day between September and December. 
  • I cannot live without my closet of chunky sweaters, but this beige cable knit Levi’s cropped pullover is a recent staple I have already worn a million times since I got it. If not this one, one of my many other sweaters would suffice, so long as its chunky and warm.
  • A good pair of blue jeans. Lately I have been repeatedly wearing my oversized light blue jeans from Lois Jeans and managed to style them down and up within the same day. I consider denim as a product that should have a long lifespan. 

Charlotte in The Vanessa Tall Umber Croc

- Do you have any styling tips when putting together your outfit for the day?

I am the strongest believer in comfort - and also that comfort does not have to compromise style or being appropriately dressed up for any particular occasion! Everyone has the memory of knowing they would regret an outfit choice, but still wearing it…only to regret it one hour into your day when blisters started to form or the sweater started to get too itchy, and that is not my style. My goal is to never feel the way about something I wear. The perfect outfit really elevates my confidence as well and gives me a certain energy from the second I leave the house. Also - I am a big believer in layering! I always tie a neutral sweater or oversized blazer around my neck or shoulders if I’m not sure where the day will take me.

Charlotte in The Amal

- What is your favorite shoe (heel, sneaker, sandal etc.)

My favorite shoe is either an everyday dad-ish sneaker (like my Saucony Progrids) or a knee high kitten heeled boots (like my Blankens Vanessa boots) - I have a very hectic and active on-my-feet job so I refuse to wear anything my feet will hurt in because it will just slow me down. It's hard for me to pick only one, when both are equally my go-to shoe for a long day of work (or socializing)! 
Charlotte in The Amal