Meet Style Icon Kajsa Baekmark - she works as a stylist, dressing people for stage and television appearances, or red carpet events. She founded a rental service for used fashion called 'Style for Rent' a few years ago, and pieces from there are frequently featured in her work, contributing to the creation of timeless looks. Her base is in Copenhagen where she finds her inspiration but travels for work and combines that with a quiet life on the Swedish countryside.
We asked Kajsa a few questions... 
Kajsa wearing The Malin
- What does shoes mean to you?
It is a tool to complete my outfit. It is the last piece I choose that makes the look go a certain direction and decides what signal I want to send out and how I want to feel. So they really do mean a lot and are carrying quite a load too.
Kajsa wearing The Malin
- 3 must haves for you in your closet?
1. A perfectly cut blazer.
2. A pair of great fitted jeans.
3. A thick woven, ribbed, white tank. This is often my base at the moment and then I am letting the shoes tell if I am going for a work meeting, to the playground with the kids or to a dinner with friends.

Link to The Malin HERE

- Do you have any styling tips when putting together your outfit for the day?

Choose whatever makes you feel the way you want to feel rather than what looks good. 

Kajsa wearing The Jennie Gold

- What is your favorite shoe (heel, sneaker, sandal etc.)

I love when you sculpture your look by the Big/Slim/Skin theory and since I wear a lot of oversized pieces I need a good slim or skin shoe. So a neat sandal with a little heel is my go to.
Kajsa wearing The Jennie Gold
- Do you have any favourite Blankens shoe?
Well I am living in my The Jennie all year round simply by adding a sock in the fall or bringing them as an indoor shoe in the winter time. However, there is a new one called The Malin and she is super cosy and so cool. I have tried on The Alexia once and I think she is great aswell. May I pick three? ;)
Link to The Jennie Gold HERE