Our Story

Blankens is the meeting point between the colours and vibrant beauty of California and the minimalistic Scandinavian sense of style – in 2014 with a mission to produce really, really – we mean really – good shoes, accessories and leather products.
Founder and creative director is LA based fashion journalist and style inspirer Cecilia Blankens - driven by the belief that quality and style are of equal value.
For example - imagine the difference between taking your almost 10,000 daily steps in footwear that makes your feet cry with pain, and letting your walkers rest in a comfy little nest of fine leather and crafted soles. One is a not so pleasant day, the other is a day with a content feeling that can take you anywhere you want. And you know it.
The “good” in good shoes does not only concern design and comfort, but also includes sustainability, traceability and to make the smallest possible environmental impact in the production process, which all belong to our core values. All Blankens shoes are manufactured in Europe where skilled craftsmanship, premium leathers and painstaking attention to details are combined. The result is yours to love and add to your style.

We are thrilled that you want to join us on our journey!