Taking care
Just like the skin on your face needs moisturizing to maintain its soft look, so does the leather on your shoes require care to stay in shape. If you want to make sure your shoes get the best treatment, you should wipe them clean with a soft cloth after each use. If that feels like too much work, give your leather some love at least once a week – and your shoes will last forever. 
You might think taking care of your shoes is a waste of time because you’ll buy new shoes soon enough anyway? Well go ahead, buy new shoes! But would it hurt letting the old ones stay in the closet looking as great as ever, ready to be worn whenever you want?
Shoe care products
We are proud to offer a shoe grease and a shoe brush that will make your leather shoes reach its highest potential. By treating the leather regularly, preferably once a week, the shoes will last for a long time and you can save both time and money by giving your shoes the right care. If you just want a quick fix to remove odors you can sprinkle some baking soda on the inner sole and let it sit over night. Then you can just shake it out in the morning for a fresh (literally) start of the day. 
Shoe bags
Why do your Blankens shoes come with a shoe bag? Because if you store your shoes in the shoe bag when they’re not in use, it will help shade them from light that can harm the leather and its colour. The bag will also keep your shoes away from dust and protect them from being scratched by other objects in your closet.
Don’t overuse
Last but not least – don’t overuse your shoes. Meaning: no matter how much you love them, for the sake of your feet and their health, try altering and not wearing the same shoes two days in a row. Also - keep your shoes away from water as much as you can, but if you do end up with wet feet your best option is to let the shoes dry outdoors in the shade. Never let the blowdrier near leather!