Going to the beach, or just wants fashionably casual on a lazy summer day off? This handmade bag is both practical and trendy enough to be qualified a masterpiece – but what really makes us proud of The Josephine is the way it is produced.

Each bag is handmade in Kenya by a women's cooperative called Self Help Group. It consists of twelve women, and each bag takes about three weeks to produce. But the craftsmanship and high quality of the bags are not the main reason why we are so proud to work with them. Self Help Group is, above all, a great example of how women are able to become more independent by starting their own businesses, and profits from the bags go to important investments in areas such as education and farming.

As always, our goal is to make good products – for you and for society as a whole. So wear The Josephine (named after the leader of the group) with pride! The bag will be available in our online store, starting May 24.

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