We're always very proud of our work and our products, but this fall we might be prouder than ever before. This seasons Blankens collection is a versatile yet coherent range of footwear and bags. We always do our best to design the shoes that gives you most value for your money: meaning high quality, crafted footwear that can be used over many seasons and for every occasion, without ever feeling boring or blunt, always adding that little extra to your style. And this time, we'd like to think we've outdone ourselves on this mission.

So - let us introduce our first drops for the season

A crushed velvet slip in that we call "The Nico"  (after the very cool and stylish lead singer of Velvet Underground obviously) - the idea was to create a shoe that is just as much a subtle accent of decadence to a clean work outfit, as it is a stylish add to a dressed down vacay wear. Wear it with literally anything - there's nothing this babe won't go with - actually, we'd like to think theres no outfit "The Nico" won't do a big favor being added to.

Being a brand with our roots in Scandinavia - we know everything about rainy days - and we also know the feeling of wanting to look well dressed and stylish even though the weather makes it a bit hard for us. This is where the idea of "The Rainy season" started. And the result? A pvc free chelsea boot in rubber with details in fine calf leather - won't only keep your feet safe and dry, they will also let your style stay in perfect condition, rain or sunshine! Wear this darling with denim, a knit and parka for a cozy everyday style.

Next up is "The Angie" - a calf leather croco printed buckled shoe. The Ultimate choice for adding personality and edge to a dressed up work outfit. We felt we needed a feminine power shoe without the heel height - if Beyoncé was a flat shoe - this would be her. 

Stay tuned and check out more of our fall drops soon!