Fun way to style your fall boots

Fun way to style your fall boots

As creative director of Blankens, the versatility of our products is always a main focus of mine. We want to make shoes that boosts your whole wardrobe! That said, we all get stuck in the "what the heck I am going to wear-today" feeling every now and then, good shoes or no shoes.

I'm a denim girl and could easily wear a good pair of jeans every day for the rest of my life. But even so, there are days when I urge to wear, well, just something else. Just to change it up a bit. Good thing is I have a remedy for both these feelings! The best thing to do when you feel like you have nothing to wear, or you're simply bored with what you usually wear, is to go thru your clothes, piece by piece - and really put your mind into creatively finding new ways to wear them. I've put together some fall themed outfits that might trigger your inspiration!

BLANKENS "The Lovisa"

Wear summers oversized shirt or shirtdress with a neat boot like Blankens "The Lovisa", tights and get warm and comfy with your favorite knit layered over. A long coat on top of that and you're all set for winter!

Summer's shorts looks amazing with a warmer top, tights and a chunky boot like our "The Trooper". Or give your floral short skirt a makeover matched with a cardigan and boots. 

Did you too fall for summers big trend and cropped your jeans ankle short? Well, the trend still lives on, and make a perfect match with the same boots mentioned above. Tucked in skinny denims always looks nice with boots like these, but the ankle short boyfriend cut worn like this is another way to get the most out of your boots.

You thought your wide, flown pants was just for summer? Think again! Wear them with something oversized on top; a shirt or a dress and a pair of chunky yet elegant boots just like Blankens "The A-go-go" and you'll get a very styled and well dressed look.

I always thought a comfy outfit can be both soothing and comforting. But no reason for it to be boring! Our  in eco certified leather with a super warm shearling lining is like a warm little nest for your feet. Of course she looks super with a pair of jeans and a parka, but for more mellow days, she's best worn with a pair of leggings and an oversized knit.

And the best thing with these boots is how they're so easy to play with. Wear them up, folded like this or with the zipper down. Play around and have fun! 

There are so many ways a good boot can be worn, and mentioning that versatility again - these boots also transfers thru the seasons and with trends coming and going. Fashion should be slow and fun and more than anything, it should be YOU expressing who you are!


XO/ Cecilia Blankens