We're inspired, proud and happy to introduce another Blankens style icon: MeetCarina Berg, a legendary TV host and one half of the dynamic podcast duo Gynning and Berg, and a shining example of coolness and charisma.

Carina, do you have a style mantra?

Certainly! Above all, it must be comfortable. Additionally, I embrace clothing that radiates positivity and brings joy. I don't mind if people perceive my appearance as slightly unconventional, as long as it elicits a smile when they lay eyes on me.

Carina Berg in The Jennie baby blue

What would you consider your signature look?

An oversized shirt paired with jeans is always a winning combination for me.

The Capri umber

What role do shoes play in your overall style?

Shoes possess the power to transform even the most lackluster outfits! A vibrant pair of heels, in particular, never fails to create a festive atmosphere. However, I hold my heels to high standards—they must be comfortable, or they will remain tucked away in my closet!

What projects are currently keeping you busy?

I am currently involved in a podcast, a show, and TV engagements.