Just like shoes and bags, knitted clothing means a lot to us. Why? Let's couch down and talk childhood for a second. Blankens' creative director Cecilia Blankens tells her story:

"When I was a kid, my mom gave me full access to her favorite home knitted sweaters. They were more to me than just something warm to throw on on cold days, they meant comfort and made me feel relaxed, at ease. I wore those wool sweaters through my teenage years with denim, boots and a leather jacket, and now, 25 years later, I still have the same sweaters in my wardrobe, and they still make me feel safe, warm and cozy."

Here at Blankens, we love versatility and clothes that last. Our capsule collection of Italian lambswool sweaters, hats and shawls is this and more. Cecilia Blankens:

"The Kerstin sweater is perfection to me. It's so soft and smooth, yet chunky and super cozy. The type of sweater that I am always happy to have in my closet. Not only because of the fact that it looks amazing, but also how this sweater feels and makes me feel. A true keeper for you, and in the future for your kids. If they are anything like me, that is".

The Kerstin sweater and The Katja hat and shawl are all knitted for you in a small Portuguese factory, from premium quality Italian lambswool. We picked two colors for this capsule collection: teal and hot pink – and the reason is simple. These two colors are the perfect accents. All other colors match so well with both these nuances and makes the sweater an everyday go-to style enhancer.  Just throw on a pair of jeans, your favorite boots and you're ready to go.

See the full collection here.