"Spend your money on what you want to see more of"

"Spend your money on what you want to see more of"

This fall we're highlighting entrepreneurs, artists, stylists and trailblazers that inspires us, women who's effortless relationship with life at large and style in general, we don't mind taking some notes from.

First out, artist Anna Mörner, seen on the photo above in our The Ibiza braided espadrille. 

Anna, what do you love most about being an artist?

The feeling that anything and everything is possible, my work life really has no limits, which makes it incredibly fun, but also hard sometimes.

What are your thoughts about sustainability and style?

I buy a lot of pre-owned clothes, there's so much  great stuff out there, and by adding vintage stuff you slowly build a much more personal and fun wardrobe. I'd rather buy fewer items in high quality, because they last longer. We have a responsibility in how we spend our money, our choices matters, and that's a very empoering thought to me. Support and spend money on what you want to see more of!

Anna in The Peppe boots

What's most important to you when it come to shoes?

Most important is how a shoe feels on my foot, they have to be comfortable or I won't wear them. When it comes to heels I always prefer the kind I can dance in, if I have to take them off after dinner, before hitting the dance floor, they're not for me. I don't really follow trends, but let whatever I feel comfortable in that particular day be what I end up wearing. I like mixing styles and materials, most important is that I feel like myself, I dont really care about anything else.

Any other style advice you want to share?

Throw on some nice jewelry or accessories, and invest in a perfume you really like. Those to together, bumps up any outfit in the blink of an eye!

Anna wearing The Camden