"The best day for it was yesterday"

"The best day for it was yesterday"

Atta and Maja wearing The Ebba flat and The Jennie sandal

Atta and Maja wearing The Ebba and The Linn mesh

Two stylish women that always continue to inspire us are interior designers and twins Atta Ring and Maja Furenberg Ring behind Studio in. We met them in Maja's beautiful Gothenberg home and asked them a few questions.

What's your background? Before joining forces professionally your were in the construction business, and in the fashion area?

– Yes, I studied to become an engineer and worked at an architectural office, says Maja. Atta is an economist, specialised in fashion with a background as a visual merchandiser. So technically none of us are educated interior designers, but the competence and experience both of us brings to the table is broader than most, and can honestly say we never fail to fulfill our clients needs.

You stepped away from two stable careers and started your business Studio in, in 2012. How did find the guts to make that move?

– We were both on maternity leave around the same time, and needed a creative outlet. So we started a blog, and from there we launched a webshop selling our own photo art and some interior. Next step was what we mainly do today: home styling and interior design projects for private customers as well as for major companies.⁠

Atta, tell us about the interior design process, where and how does it all start?⁠

- We always start by listening in on the visions and needs of the client, and then boiling it all down to a certain vibe or mood. Once that is done, we gather inspiration that then translates into colours, materials, furniture and layout. Digital mood boards and 3D drawings are always part of the process! We believe that putting tons of beautiful stuff in a room can be easy, but finding the right items - the things that create emotions and means something to the client, is the real challenge  - and all the fun!  

You are identical twins - how do you like working together?`What are the ups, and what are the challenges?

– Is there honestly anything better than spending your days close to someone you trust completely, and that knows you inside out? We think not. In the beginning we had to work a bit on learning to draw the line between our respective responsibilities. The "Who's doing what  and when" and "Who has the final say in this and that" type of questions were a thing. We're both very solution-oriented though, and hates conflicts, so we make sure to solve what ever might bug us quickly.

What makes a room unique and special?

- It's the personal items, like a vintage vase.

Interior design and fashion styling goes hand in hand, right? How do you plan on dressing this spring?

-We're pretty easy-going style wise and loves comfy dressing more than anything. We're planning on wearing lots of crisp linnen shirts, oversized blazers and denim this spring. And then airy pants and dresses when it gets warmer. Loafers, leather sandals and sneakers always work with what's in our wardrobe.

 What's the future holding for Studio in? Any new dream projects ahead?

We're just finishing up several co-living projects in Stockholm, and are simultaneously developing a new and exciting office concept in Skåne. We're so excited to do a few other sxciting collaborations this spring, creating social media content within the fashion business. We love jumping on new ideas and always move forward! One thing we've always dreamed about is conceptualising a whole hotel, and develop a furniture collection under our own brand.

What are your thoughts on sustainability and consumption?

It's a very important factor in everything we do and we love to inspire towards a more aware future in regards to consumption. We can see a trend where more and more of our customers prefers reuse of already existing furniture, rather than buying new. We always adovcate finding your own long lasting personal style, rather than running after new trends.

Any advice for other entrepreneurial dreamers thinking about starting their own business out there?⁠

- We always say "The best day for it was yesterday. The next best day is today!"