Taking care
Give your leather some love at least once a week – and your shoes will last for so much longer. Use a natural shoe grease on leather items and a caring spray to protect your suede shoes. Just a little bit goes a long way. 

Shoe care products
We are proud to offer shoe care products for all our models and styles. Find the right brush, shoe grease and suede protectant for your pair of Blankens right here on
Shoe bags
Why do your Blankens shoes come with a shoe bag? Because if you store your shoes in the shoe bag when they’re not in use, it will help shade them from light that can harm the leather and its colour. The bag will also keep your shoes away from dust and protect them from being scratched by other objects in your closet.
Leather soles
Leather soles are not only a work of art but are also sturdy and resistible to most weathers (although wearing leather soles outside on the rainiest day of the year  might not be the best idea). So – keep your leather soles the way they are. Letting a cobbler put a rubber sole on is something you CAN do, even though we wouldn’t recommend it. Why? The leather in the soles is a natural material that breathes and keeps your feet cool. It shapes itself to your feet and is the most comfortable resting place for your foot during summer months and when indoors. After what very well might be years, when the leather sole is finally worn out, you simply just have it re-soled and your shoe is as good as new again.


Don’t overuse

Last but not least – don’t overuse your shoes. Meaning: no matter how much you love them, for the sake of your feet and their health, try switching it up and not wearing the same shoes two days in a row.