Starting March 1:st 2023, the welcome letter that comes with every purchase made from our webshop, will have a backside with motifs by our friend, artist Emilia Ilke. We will update with a new print every month, so you can create your own collection and build your own wall of art with Emilia's prints.

Emilia, tell us about your art! How would you describe your style and aesthetic?

Gah! That's my least favourite question, haha. I express myself with paper cut outs and paint, and I've always had a hard time verbalising what I do in a fair and correct way. Word feels so one dimensional! The best way to get to know me is to browse through my instagram @emiliailke.

What inspires you?

My bucket list and my goals that keeps pushing me forward and makes me dare to try new stuff, evolve as a person and engage in different and new contexts.

How does one compose a perfect art wall at home?

Step one: Buy original art that you really like. You'll find it via the artists themselves, through my favourite online art gallery or browse through what the online auctions houses has to offer.

Building an art wall can be tricky! I always prefer placing a really big painting on the largest wall in my home, and focus in building my art wall with a collage of smaller works of art on smaller space. I usually start with a center piece and then build from there with another work that matches or looks good together with the first one. Two paintings beautiful paintings together, combined on a smaller wall, can make a great impression, it doesn't have to be that big!

What do you usually wear when you paint? And what's your off duty, away from the studio go to look?

In my studio I typically chose to wear my nicest and most precious clothes, which of course is really stupid as they immediately get messy from paint that sticks. But lately I've finally started to learn to switch to my painting jeans and a T-shirt. Love a lose trouser fit, but the top has to fit tight, or it's in my way when I paint. Off duty right now: complete chaos! I'm pregnant and nothing fits anymore!

We just happen to know you have quite a few Blankens shoes and bags in your wardrobe - do you have favourite?

I always carry my all black The Martha - it's with me on flea market runs, dinners on town and everything in between. It's large enough, but still not too big! Size is everything. The Nooshi makes me kind of weak too, I love both its shape and its colour - it's perfect! 

What does art mean to you?

Art is everything to me! Without art my life would have been ugly, poor and frustrating. I love creating, swapping and buying art - and of course looking at it, absorbing it, experiencing it!