Meet Isabelle Kvist, the 31 year old Head of Sales and PR at the dazzling interior design empire, Layered. With a magnetic aura, she is a great source of inspiration when it comes to fashion. Her unique, edgy style makes you want to scroll through her Instagram feed for DAYS. 

We asked Isabelle a few questions about her best styling tip, favorite shoes and more… 



- What do shoes mean to you?

Shoes, bags and jackets sets the outfit and the shoes are what makes the occasion. A heel always feels a little extra party and something that dresses up an otherwise simple look.






- 3 must-haves for you in the wardrobe?

Worn washed gray jeans, an oversized blazer and a really cool tight top from Rave Review are my must haves. I’ve got loads of shoes and I feel like you can't have too many of them.






- Do you have any styling tips when putting together your outfit for the day?

Mix tight with loose, or just loose. And patterns, you can't get too much of it.



- Which shoe type is your favorite? 

I must say heels or loafers. Chunky, heavy and maxed out are my specialty.



- Do you have a favorite Blankens model that you feel you could use for many occasions?

Oh I LOVE the new platform heel with a buckle, The Boni. I had it at my friend Stina's wedding last weekend and got an incredible amount of compliments and I managed to wear them for 16 hours straight without chafing, that's a good shoe! Super comfortable, stylish and easy to dance around in.